Mrs. Kayla Linde - Art  

Educational Background:  
Bachelor of Science in Art Education - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
     Minor - Spanish

Educational Experience:
     Teaching at Aquinas Catholic Schools since 2016

Inspiration to Teach:
     I have always loved art, bun in particular, I had an elementary ar teacher who really impacted me. That experience later inspired me to teach. I also believe that ar is an incredibly unique subject and one that is a reflection of God, our Creator. I desire to pass on my passion and skills to enable my students to be the creators they were designed to be.

Teaching at Aquinas:
I really enjoy teaching at Aquinas. It is so amazing to be able to teach alongside passionate and talented staff, work with wonderful students, and be supported by excellent families. It truly is a great place to grow in one’s faith and academic journies.